Preparing for Springtime Success

As anyone who has painted a room knows, preparation in KEY. Planning ahead of time for a project is critical for success. One might even say that the prep work is more difficult than the actual project itself. However, as experts in our field, we make it easy for you to achieve your goals - all without breaking a sweat or breaking the bank. But where does one even begin? Sure you’ve thought about all the projects you’d like to get done for your yard, but how exactly does one go about that? What time of year does one do these sorts of things? 

In this post we will cover the projects one typically does in the Springtime. This post will cover what to do in regards to pre-Spring planning in addition to the benefits and value of doing so. 

So, where does one begin with pre-Spring planning? The answer is design! If you are even remotely considering getting some landscaping done this year, having a design to work from will speed up the process when it comes time to plant. Design encompasses everything from full-scale drawings to rough sketches or just simply talking to our staff to get some ideas. 

In regards to full-scale drawings, we have our own in-house landscape architect with 35 years of experience in designing outdoor areas that are harmonious with nature. Karl Krogstad is an award-winning landscape architect with a refined understanding of the natural systems and construction techniques that lead to beautiful landscapes. We’re glad he’s a part of our team. 

There are immeasurable benefits to acquiring a to-scale landscape drawing. For starters, it puts in place a cohesive plan that is perfect for both new homes and homes with little to no landscaping. This way, a comprehensive landscape can be achieved; one that flows with the surrounding natural features and doesn’t look like a random assortment of plants, trees, and shrubs - colloquially known as a “hodgepodge”. While professional landscaping certainly adds value to one’s home, we recognize that these types of projects are a significant investment for homeowners. That’s another reason why drawings are valuable. A comprehensive landscaping design allows homeowners to budget for projects and section their entire yard to be completed over the course of a couple seasons. This achieves a level of consistency while spreading the total cost over time.  

An example of a to-scale landscape plan

An example of a to-scale landscape plan

Having a scale-drawing is also useful in revamping landscapes that are overgrown and outdated. No matter the situation, getting your landscape designs done ahead of time puts into motion all that you hope to achieve with your yard. Again, planning ahead of time is the way to go. For example, let’s say you have a graduation party or other type of gathering planned for the middle of summer. You’d like to spruce up your yard with a few trees and shrubs. While it is certainly possible to get that done, freshly installed plant material does not look as good as an already established landscape. Since plant life grows on it’s own schedule, its helpful to get started sooner rather than later. 

Let’s say you already have landscaping done and just need some inspiration on where to go from what’s already there. Our friendly and knowledgable staff are happy to assist you, provide a rough sketch, and point you in the right direction. Pictures of your landscape are ideal for this sort of thing. We can draw right over them which helps visualize the plan. Visual depictions are also helpful when determining the placement of plant material. Certain types of plant material are best suited for certain areas within a landscape. Strategically placed plant material can also mitigate wind and provide shade, both of which help lower energy costs for homeowners. In short, proper placement encourages happy and thriving growth for years to come while also reducing one’s carbon footprint. 

One of our "rough sketches"

One of our "rough sketches"

We’ve already covered some of the benefits of having either a formal or informal landscape design done. However, they are additional benefits worth mentioning. For starters, landscaping provides a backdrop for summer activities. Be it parties and gatherings or reading and lounging, a professional installed landscape provides privacy, beauty, and seasonal blooms to look forward to. 

Another thing to consider is the matter of maintenance versus practicality. Ideally, you want a plant to grow into its space and then stop. However, at certain times, compromises must be made. For example, sometimes goals need to be achieved faster or gaps in the landscape filled quickly. A larger plant that reaches a specific height will fill your space faster, but will require more maintenance. A professional landscape designer will be able to achieve this balance while working with you to align your goals with the finished project. 

Lastly, let’s say you are planning on selling. Now that the housing market is beginning to pick up, a pristine landscape is an attractive feature to potential buyers. A well-maintained and updated landscape makes it easier to sell in addition to fetching a higher price. And if you aren’t interested in selling, then even better. You’ll get to experience the natural beauty of a completed landscape yourself!

So, you’re more inspired than ever to get to planning your dream landscape. Where to start? Check out our next post! It will detail the procedure for getting started on the landscape you deserve. See you there!