3 Steps for Springtime Project Success

So, we’ve covered the basics of pre-spring planning in our previous post. But how exactly does one go about this? What steps need to be taken in order to achieve a yard worthy of Country Home & Living magazine? This post will detail the procedure of a typical Springtime project. With only three steps, it’s really easy to get started. Let’s dig in!

Springtime projects involve three main steps: ideas, information, and installation. Let’s begin with the first step, ideas. Regardless of project type, a helpful way to get started is to brainstorm what you would like to achieve. Chances are you already have some ideas. In this context, what kind of project are we looking at? A complete landscaping job? Filling in some gaps within an existing landscape? Replacing existing plants? Any brickwork or retaining walls? The next step is to simply stop by our Garden Center to speak with our staff. We’ll be able to discuss the ideas and goals you have while answering any questions you may have. You can also learn more by visiting the landscaping page of our website.

At this point, the project can evolve in one of two ways: DIY or let the pros take over. If you decide to go the DIY route, our staff will be happy to provide insight into what would work in your yard the best. We can provide you with a rough sketch of some landscaping ideas. The best approach here is to bring in or email us photos of your yard. With photos in hand, we can draw on them and provide a visual representation of the ideas we come up with.

No matter the plan, our staff is more than happy to help get your yard to where you want it to be. We can also help select any plant material the catches your eye while providing advice on how to properly care for it. If anything strikes your fancy, we’ll be happy to load it into your car for you. That way, you can have it in the ground later that afternoon! Too big to fit into your vehicle? Delivery and installation of our nursery stock is also available. 

If your landscaping project is larger than just a few trees and shrubs, then professional landscape design is recommended. Whispering Hills has our own in-house landscape designer, Karl Krogstad, who provides consultations, scale drawings, and installation oversight. With over 35 years of experience, Karl has developed an award-winning sense of refinement in crafting landscapes that are harmonious with nature. 

Karl is available for consultations and can visit your property to begin the design process. One-hour sessions cost $100 for our local area (Cary, Crystal Lake/Lakewood, Algonquin & Lake in the Hills) and $150 for everywhere else. During this information gathering stage, Karl will visit your property to survey the landscape. He will also provide a consultation sketch that will give a visual representation of the project thus far. Karl will also work with you to show how the project can evolve. If a scale-drawing is needed, he can provide an estimate of the time and associated costs of getting professional landscape design done. 

A consultation sketch

A consultation sketch

After a landscape drawing is complete, the last step is installation. At this stage, the project is bid to be installed and proposals are drawn up. Whispering Hills will provide an installation quote detailing the cost of installation. This quote includes the labor, plant material cost, delivery, and haul away. 

Once the contracts are signed, we can get started on the project immediately! If you like, you can even do some of it yourself or let the pros take care of the entire thing. No matter the project scope, achieving your landscaping goals is easy when the ideas, information, and installation are from Whispering Hills. Let’s dig in.