Decorative Stone


American Heritage.jpg

American Heritage (two sizes)

A classic decorative stone. Multicolored granite pieces work in a variety of applications and match nearly every home color. Colors range with predominately red, blue, and grey tones. Approximately 1.5”-2” and 3/4” to 1” in diameter. 

Desert Sunset.jpg

Desert Sunset

Fiery orange in color with charcoal undertones, Desert Sunset adds a flair of the American Southwest to any yard.  A great substitute for anyone fond of colored mulches, this stone is fractured in shape and approximately 1.5”-2” in diameter. 

Grey slate.jpg

Grey Slate

Is a truly modern looking stone. This dark grey stone sparkles in the sun as it lays nice and flat in the landscape. It's flat appearance mimics that of pine bark mulch. This flat stone is approximately 2" - 4" in diameter. 

Bluestone chips.jpg

Bluestone Chips

Elegant in nature and one of the most popular pathway materials available, Bluestone Chips can also be used as a flooring material in outdoor seating areas. Cool blue-grey tones combine with a satisfying crunch when walked on. Approximately 1/4” in size. 



One of the most popular landscaping stones available, Meramec is a decorative classic. Caramel in color with pops of white, the unique light texture of this stone yields a pleasant crunch when walked upon. Approximately 5/8” in size. 

Red Flint.jpg

Red Flint

Smooth and round stone with characteristics reminiscent of common river rock. Multi-colored with earthy reds and steely blues, Red Flint is a stand out selection among our decorative gravels. Commonly used as edging, around water features, and as a mulch substitute, Red Flint is a versatile and timeless stone. Approximately 3/4”-1.5” in diameter.