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President's Choice

Far and away our most popular mulch. This finely textured product features a rich brown color and is "mostly bark". Due to the fine nature of this product, it will decompose slightly faster than other mulch products. In turn, this process returns organic material to the soil. This helps keep the soil loose and ready for planting. President's Choice is the choice of professional gardeners and true landscapers alike. 

Hardwood Bark Fines

The finest and darkest mulch on the market. Hardwood Bark Fines are essentially our President's Choice processed through an additional screen leaving a finely textured dark brown product. This enables better moisture control and weed suppression. 

Premium Triple Processed

Made from hardwood trees, this mulch is light to medium brown in color and has a medium/fine texture. A low cost alternative to our President's Choice & Hardwood Bark Fines.



A general purpose low-cost alternative. Hardwood mulch with a light brown color and rough, processed texture. Suitable for large areas, secluded locations or the budget conscious gardener. 


Red, Gold, Black & Chocolate Engineered

Recycled wood products that have been colored with vegetable dye. 



A clean, light and delicate mulch used in fine landscaping applications. Our Aromatic Cedar is a rich reddish gold color with a pleasant cedar aroma. 


Certified Playground Mulch

Wood chips that have been tumbled to eliminate slivers to the little ones.  When installed properly, this material is designed to protect children in case of a fall at the playground. This product, due to the chipped nature is not recommended in areas other than playgrounds or pathways.