established in 1990


Our story

Similar to the plants we sell, our story began with an idea that has since grown into a lifelong passion. Finding it difficult to source both locally grown and high-quality plant material for his growing landscaping business, our owner Al Anderson decided to branch out. With determination and grit, Al and his wife Michelle set in motion what would later become Whispering Hills Garden & Landscape Center.

In 1990, that vision became a reality. Al and Michelle purchased the land that would soon become home to everything a homeowner or contractor could possibly need to make their dreams of a pristine landscape come to fruition as well. 

As anyone who has searched for a reputable mechanic knows, finding a contractor worth their salt is no easy task. That’s why we decided early on to use only premium materials, always follow through, and make sure every job completed is as solid as something we’d install on our own property. Listening to homeowner needs, displaying the finest craftsmanship, and being straightforward became our mission. Our commitment to that mission remains as true today as it did nearly 30 years ago.

As a locally-owned, family-run business, we aren’t some big box store focused on volume. We’re your neighbors and we are devoted to our community. We are dedicated to our values, which guide us both in life and in business. Honoring these values has led us to become one of the finest garden and landscape centers in McHenry County. 

What started nearly 30 years ago remains our passion today and we look forward to what’s ahead. Let us go forward together.

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